How It Works

The permitting process can be very confusing and overwhelming. It varies from county to county and the requirements and codes are ever-changing. We help homeowners, builders, and trades through this process by handling it all for you! We can take over this portion of your project for you with minimal imposition to your other duties. You'll be able to focus on your company, your customers, and your projects and not have to worry about tedious paperwork. 

Ready to get started? Great! Now let's talk packages.....

Single Trade Permit is perfect for the smaller jobs like window replacement, roof replacement, small plumbing jobs, electrical work, etc. Select this option if you are a subcontractor needing assistance with permits for your company's own projects, or if your general contractor has requested that you apply for your own permit. Are you a homeowner that needs help with a permit for a simple project around your home? This option is for you! 

Residential Construction Permit is just like it sounds! Select this option if you need assistance with a residential construction permit for a remodeling project, an addition of some type, or a new construction home. This package is perfect for the contractors who don't want to deal with paperwork and just want to focus on building their projects! 

Add-on Options are available for clients that need assistance with additional items like ARC hearings, DRC hearings, DOH permits, or acquiring permitting documents from trades. If these tasks make your eyes glaze over, don't worry, that's what we are here to help with!

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**Now for the legal mumbo-jumbo. Central Florida Permitting does not guarantee a permit can be issued for a particular project. That is out of our control and entirely up to the building, zoning, and various other departments.  We are also not responsible for the accuracy of any permitting documents generated by draftsman, mechanical contractors, truss suppliers, etc. We reserve the right to refuse to take on certain permit types and/or companies. Prices may vary for commercial permits.